Wednesday Night Bible Study

Join Us For Bible Study Every Wednesday At 5:30p.m.

Join our Wednesday night Bible study class every Wednesday at 5:30pm. Our Bible study is biblically based and doctrinally sound focusing on the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:12).

Our current Bible Study Series is a (4) part Bible Study entitled Christian Commitment.
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NPS Bible Study  “Christian Commitment”  

Part 1: Faithful Commitment to a Faithful God

Part 2: The Cross and Our Commitment 

Part 3: Totally Committed

Part 4: Being Committed and Devoted

Join us in this 4 part Bible study series entitled “Christian Committment”. We will consider the  faithfulness of God and how He calls us to sacrifice for Him. We will also see that this total and devoted commitment to Christ isn’t without its own suffering.
There is a call for committed believers, will you answer?

Lesson Outline:

Week 1: Introduction to Christian Commitment: Faithful Commitment to a Faithful God

Week 2: How Essential Is Faith In Our Relationship With God?

Week 3: How Does God Expect Us To Demonstrate Our Faith, Trust and Faithfulness Towards Him?

Week 4: Must God's Faithfully Obedient Servants Endure Trials and Sufferings?

Week 5: Our Commitment To Christ Is A Place Of Submission To Our Lord

Week 6: The Value Of Commitment

Week 7: Review Qustions 1-5

Week 8: Review Questions 6-9; Discussion Question


Wednesday Night Bible Study

Join Pastor Jacobs each Wednesday night for online Bible study class.